20 Apr


What is the average of weather conditions through all seasons over a period of time? What is the process when gas changes back into a liquid? PAUSE…Is this a standardized test? No, this is a dilemma that every woman faces when it is time to get dressed for the day. How many times is the weather going to change today? WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO WEAR?? The transition from winter to spring is now upon us and I have the answers. No I cannot go up to the heavens and change the weather thermostats but, I can give you some simple solutions that can make your transitions easier.

Layer Up

Layering is your bff “hunty”. You can achieve this look by starting with a thin piece such as a tank or a sheer blouse and go from there. Play around with blazers, light cardigans and scarf’s in order adapt to the unpredictable weather throughout the day while being fashionable chic.


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Grannys Underwear 

Yes ladies hosiery! Fish net black pantyhose (yes I began singing the song)! Those horrendous things your grandmother did not leave home without having on! HOSIERY, say it with me sloooowly. Wear those! This is not a joke, I am serious, they make very thin and fashion forward hosiery that one can wear and are barely noticeable. They will keep your precious hibernating legs safe from harm during the unpredictable weather when you pair them with dresses, skirts or even shorts. Then if it warms up just dart to the nearest restroom and remove those bad boys, it will be our secret.



This is an easy one; you can wear these year round! Jeans are a constant in every woman’s closet. They can be dressed up or down and are a perfect go to when the weather is on a rollercoaster.




When I’m alone in my room, sometimes I stare at the wall and in the back of my mind I hear my conscious call…..I NEED SHOES!! I think that’s how that song goes, well it does today!! I think you get the point, I heart shoes. And during this time you can depend on the boot, bootie, and any shoe you want to wear of course. I refuse to box you all in on what type of “foot jewelry” you can wear. Just please spare us the flip flop!! If you have to confidence to wear those open toes right now, hey who am I to judge? Maybe you have “THICK SKIN”. Whatever the case, back straight and chin up you high steppers!



“You don’t have all the answer’s sway!” But I hope these pointers help you with your weather woe clothing dilemmas! Keep it Kute!!

   Jeralyn Williams

1506730_10203190060611681_4481859002789923521_n A native of Ruston, Louisiana, is the Fashion Editor/Creative Coordinator at TheCurlyDiva.com. She has a BA in Political Science and a MPA. Due to her God given creativity she flows effortlessly in the realm of all things fashion. Her desire is to inspire others to use fashion as an outward expression of their inner beauty. With God first in her life, Jeralyn’s ultimate goal is to remain humble as she strives to be that Christ-like example in the lives of those around her. Her leisurely time is spent with her fiancé     Jeremy, and their close friends and family.

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