30 Mar

Why Natural Tresses? Hold up, Why Not?

You know it’s probably cliché by now the number of times I’ve heard women say….”I don’t know about that girl, natural hair ain’t for everybody!” And sometimes I respond and sometimes I don’t, but as a Public Service Announcement (PSA) let me ask this, if it grows out of your head how can it NOT be for everybody?

Sometimes Naturalista’s get a bad wrap because the sudden wave of “going natural” is spreading like wildfire. I have seen comments on blogs, and video tutorials where some people call ladies who have embraced their natural hair types “Natural Nazis” or other equally offensive terms. The reality is that women of color choosing to embrace their nature kinks, coils, and textures is just that….a CHOICE. Every individual has the right to choose, if you want a relaxer, get a relaxer. If you want a Jheri Curl…lol, get your Jheri Curl and your curl juice! And if you want to be natural, then be that, without restriction, without pressure, and without having to explain or justify why you made a choice equal to or greater to that of another person.

I personally chose to be natural after years of being relaxed. I love the choice I made. Is it easy? Heck to the No, it’s not, maintaining my natural tresses is work, a lot of work at that. Not only do I have to maintain mine, but I have two daughters who have ALWAYS been natural from birth and it is beyond exhausting working on all three of our heads. In fact, I can’t even do all of our heads on the same day. I have to commit a separate day to each head because if I don’t I would spend an entire day (8-12 hours) working on all three. If you’re committed to the process, you have to learn to be patient and learn what works best for you.

But if I’m being honest, as much as I complain about wash/co-wash day and styling, I would absolutely NOT change it! I will never go back to relaxers because aside from the chemicals in relaxers, how they damaged my hair, and stunted my growth I see the health benefits of being natural as well as my hairs’ response to being natural.

I choose to be natural because it’s absolutely for me!

Daniella Cross WilkinsDaniella Cross-Wilkins

One of our newest bloggers is Daniella Cross-Wilkins (aka cocoaBABYDOLL73) Daniella is a two-time graduate of the Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU), she holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Political Science. Daniella works in Florida state government as a procedural writer, training developer, and trainer during the day and is an adjunct professor at one of the local colleges in her area in the evenings. However, Daniella’s most meaningful job is the role she holds as a wife and mother of four children ranging in ages from 10 to 16. Daniella decided to transition from relaxed to natural in the Fall of 2010 and has never once regretted that decision, Daniella says her only regret was that she did not realize and make that decision many years earlier.

You can find me on Instagram @COCOABABYDOLL73 and Facebook Daniella Cross-Wilkins

by Daniella Cross-Wilkins


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