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The Danger of Comparison Appreciate Your Beauty

The Danger of Comparison
Appreciate Your Beauty.
What is there not to like about yourself? What could possibly not be right about your body?
(Before we proceed, understand that this is not about physical fitness, but about an even more important health topic: self-love & appreciation.)

Women seem to have a lot of crushes on other women rather than themselves. Their dream body, the ultimate facial structure, their dream talent—everything they wish they were—is seen on and within someone else!


The root of the problem is COMPARISON. There is absolutely no woman on the planet that came out of the womb believing that something was “wrong” with her until someone made her aware of it (directly or indirectly). You’re “too fat, too skinny, too dark, too light, flat-chested, too busty, bad-built, without a shape, without a butt, nappy headed, bald headed, too muscular, too messed up, etc.,” are things that we hear too often. The trouble of it is, we hear it more from WOMEN than men!


We have made ourselves students of our own destruction. We watch and study how people act towards a woman, crave the attention she is getting, wonder why we cannot obtain that same attention and treatment, and ultimately come to the conclusion that we won’t get that because we are not her. Because we don’t look like her. We don’t talk like her. We’re too ghetto. We’re too white. We’re not enough. The list goes on and on. Listen: You are BEAUTIFUL! STOP believing that there is something wrong with you because you didn’t fit someone’s preference. We are all different. We all have different tastes, styles, preferences, etc. Did it ever cross your mind that that person or those people just weren’t right for you? You probably dodged a bullet. The bottom line is, you cannot appreciate your own beauty when your eyes are set on someone else. Comparing yourself to someone else will only make you feel empty. It creates insecurities. It makes us hard on ourselves. When we are hard on ourselves, we tend to be even more critical of others. It’s time to start spreading the LOVE—to YOURSELF!

Be Strong Ladies!

Jacobi Wilson

unnamedJacobi Wilson is a touch of reality reaching others from her soul through the extension of her hands to the heavens in awe of the Creator. She confesses that the heart of a champion, the willingness to love again, the drive to encourage, the heart to forgive, and the ability to be transparent—even after all of her experiences—came only through the love of Jesus Christ that overcomes all things. She enjoys great food, family, friends, laughter, music, fashion, and relaxation.

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