10 Feb

NEW Trends Alert: Flash Tattoos

Have you noticed those glints of gold and silver decorating the skin of women celebrities?? It’s called flash tattoos!!! Who would have thought temporary tattoos would be in style and become so fancy! First seen on our favorite trendsetter Beyonce and the trend have been seen on so many others.Beyonce tattooThe Flash Tattoos last for four to six days and look like two-dimensional jewelry pieces. These flash tats are so cool and super cute! You can wear them on the beach and look accessorize without having to worry about losing your jewelry. Plus it looks extra sexy when combined with your real jewelry. Remember my divas there is a way to wear this trend and we should not go overboard with the flash tattoos. One should not cover the entire body with gold and silver foil or have our face covered with them J When used in moderation these cool temporary tattoos can glam up any look! (See below a few cool ways to wear you Flash Tattoos). flash tattoo  flash tatoo back  Beyonce flash tatoo   flash tattoo2  flash tatoo jewelry   Beyonce The Curly Diva

Robin RaRaRobin “Ra Ra” O’Connor

Robin “Ra Ra” O’Connor attended American Intercontinental University (AIU) in Atlanta, GA where she studied Fashion Design/Marketing. Robin is currently studying Business Entrepreneurship at Southern University of New Orleans (SUNO) to learn the business aspect of the fashion world while staying on her fashion game. Robin is also a personal shopper and fashion stylist for women, men, and kids in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette areas. She has always had a passion for fashion growing up and it shows with her vibrant and unique fashion sense. Robin love’s to make people feel confident about themselves by making her clients feel like when they walk into a room they own it. She always stays up to date with the latest fashion trends and giving fashion tips to make everyone feel fancy and fabulous!!


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