20 Jan

Confessions of a Low-Maintenance Naturalista


by Daniella Cross-Wilkins

If you’re a naturalista that only has to contend with your own head, woohoo!! Try being one that has to manage three, yes, three natural heads in one household; however do I get it done? Well if I’m being honest, as much as I love my hair, I tend to be a tab bit lazy with care. Do I was my hair or my daughters’ hair weekly? Do I supply moisture daily? Do I experiment with the hottest new styles? No, no, and heck no! What I do is simple to me, maybe lazy to some. I love, love, love protective styling, so much so that if I was a statistician I would say at least 95% of the time my hair and my girls’ heads are coiffed into some kind of protective style that I can forget about for a week or longer at a time.

My hair care and styling regimen

How often I wash or co-wash my hair is hit and miss sometimes, I do not wash once a week like clockwork, I just don’t. I tend to wash or co-wash my hair based on when it has too much product build-up, it looks thirsty, or my skin begins to react with blemishes across my forehead (I know I’ve gone too long when my face starts speaking to me).

For me, I have a habit of defaulting to a number of cute and beyond simple protective styles that include but are not limited to:

  • High buns
  • Top knot buns
  • Side buns
  • Various up-do’s


My hair care styling regimen for my oldest daughter

For my oldest daughter (who just turned 13 a couple of days ago), for the past couple of years she has been very vocal about not wanting elementary type hair styles. So last year I began encouraging her to watch a number of You Tube videos and I have been teaching her how to wash, co-wash, detangle, condition, moisturize, and style her hair. The problem with relying on my daughter to do this on her own lies in the fact that she has extremely thick, course hair, so thick that my arms and hers tire easily when she or I tackle it. Well as you can probably imagine at ages 12 and 13 fighting with your hair may shorten not only your attention span, but the patience of a teenager that would rather be giggling with her friends too. So, with my oldest girl, we default to what is easy also and that typically manifests itself in a high puff, partial front braiding and high buns, or our latest love the “bun-hawk”.

While she is learning to care for her hair (especially during detangling sessions) I make a point to have her many times wash/cowash/condition and yes detangle her hair during my wash/co-wash/condition detangle sessions too. Having her practice along side of me I have found helps her get into the habit of paying more attention and learning together what her hair responds to best.

My hair care and styling regimen for that littlest baby girl

Well, my youngest daughter is 9, but we have always called her the “littlest one” because she’s the baby of three older siblings. My baby girl’s hair is finer than her older sister’s, so out of the three of us, her hair is the easier to wash, condition, and detangle. The problem with baby girl’s hair is the fact that her hair is so fine, styling tends to be the battle I have to manage with hers. I cannot just pull her hair into a ponytail because by the end of the day she has that “fuzzy more than stray a ways” look about her. So for her I tend to keep her hair braided and beaded up or several sectioned off ponytails and twists. When I braid and bead her hair that will last a good 4-6 weeks as long as I make sure she ties her hair up nightly, and sectioned ponytails tend to last 2 weeks at a time.

See, with three heads to do, this becomes a major chore, so major in fact that I cannot dedicate an entire day to heads, because that is what I would have to do if I was washing, conditioning, and styling all three of our heads in the same day. Hey it might not be the most ideal or glamorous regimen but it works for us!

I have a few staple products, DIY’s, tips and tricks I do too, but those are confessions I will save for another day my sisters…wink, wink!

Daniella Cross WilkinsDaniella Cross-Wilkins

One of our newest bloggers is Daniella Cross-Wilkins (aka cocoaBABYDOLL73) Daniella is a two-time graduate of the Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU), she holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Political Science. Daniella works in Florida state government as a procedural writer, training developer, and trainer during the day and is an adjunct professor at one of the local colleges in her area in the evenings. However, Daniella’s most meaningful job is the role she holds as a wife and mother of four children ranging in ages from 10 to 16. Daniella decided to transition from relaxed to natural in the Fall of 2010 and has never once regretted that decision, Daniella says her only regret was that she did not realize and make that decision many years earlier.

You can find me on Instagram @COCOABABYDOLL73 and Facebook Daniella Cross-Wilkins

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