11 May

Word on the Street: What Black Men Think About Your Hair- The Review

Confidence is key when rocking any hairstyle. When you’re confident, it’s evident in your overall presence; from how you enter into a room to your choice of words in conversations with others. Many factors contribute to a person’s confidence, including a hairstyle. Confidence about a hairstyle suggests that it’s cute even when others may think otherwise. Nowadays, women are becoming more confident in wearing natural hairstyles. Many people have embraced the natural hair trend; however, others have negative thoughts and opinions about natural hair. Jokes about certain hair textures are common. Read More

24 Mar

The Skinny on Shikakai and Amla: Indian Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey guys!!! Here I’m interviewing my friend Vineela Donthi 🙂
She is native to the Southern region on India. About 3 months ago Vineela and I were talking about the difference she noticed in her hair after switching from Shikakai and Amla (Indian herbal shampoo and conditioner) to regular American name brand products (which shall remain nameless for this video 🙂. Her hair felt striped, dry and damaged. Since our talk both she and I have been using the Shikakai and Alma mix and I can noticeably see the difference in our hair! Check it out!
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19 Mar

To Chop or Not To Chop

To Chop or Not to Chop

The day of the Naturalista has arrived! Almost everyone is returning their hair to  natural or at least considering it. Well as a cosmetologist who specializes in natural hair care maintenance, I find that one of the biggest questions I get from those in the transitioning phase is, so should I do the big chop, or nah? Read More

12 Mar

3 Ways To Simplify Your Wash Days

1.  Invest in a Tangle Teezer – Since going natural in 2007 I realized that combs and my hair in its natural state just don’t get along. Washing and conditioning was super easy for the 1st year. My hair is for the most part a 4a/4b curl pattern, it dried very quickly and was so short that detangling was not necessary. I loved the way my hair just curled on its own and pretty much styled it self. I like to refer to this period of time as the “New Born” stage…lol   Read More
06 Mar

Da Ugly Phase

Da ugly phase

Once upon a time in a suburban neighborhood near you, there lived a beautiful young woman with a head full of long luxurious relaxed hair. Everyone just admired how bouncy and shiny her hair seemed; to many, her hair was “laid to the gawds” but in actuality her hair was “laid to rest”. Finally, she mustered up the courage on a beautiful sunny summer day to grab the scissors and cut it all off. Yes, the beautiful long relaxed hair was now a bald head fade and she felt free!!! Screaming at the top of her lungs, “FREE AT LAST… free at last, Read More

20 Jan

Unleash the Dragon

You wait patiently as your stylist cuts your Brazilian sew-in into luxurious layers. You trust  that she won’t make any mistakes on your $300 investment. You get excited as she puts the final touches on your style and spins the chair around so you can look into the mirror. Read More