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Hi Ladies!!!

I have created this website to inform and inspire African American women on hair, health, Jesus Christ, beauty, fitness, fashion and much more. Please feel free to comment, ask questions and share our site with others!

While walking thru my natural hair journey I became fed up with all the money that I was spending on the newest hair products for natural hair. One day in 2011 I took a good look at my bathroom cabinet and said no more. I began to look closely at the companies that were producing products for our natural hair and I realized that they were just putting the same chemical concoction in a new bottle with a new brand name, label and then heavily  marketed to us. There was no care for the fact that most of the products used alcohol and surfactants as the base of the products which reeks havoc on our hair leaving it dry and brittle immediately. Not to mention that the majority of the chemicals in these products are carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals). Don’t take my word for it, just check the ingredients of your favorite hair care product and research them.

After finding this out I wanted nothing to do with hair products that were not made of God -Made natural substances. I pulled up my laptop and began to search for something anything I could use because I knew there were other sisters out there having the same dilemma. I came across Naptural85 and Kimmaytube on YouTube and became infatuated with all things natural! They both inspired me to create my own hair, skin and body products at home. I experimented for about a 8 months and finally created a hair moisturizer that I loved. I went on to experiment with making other natural items like deodorant, toothpaste, lip balm and facial cleansers/exfoliating scrubs. I was totally not thinking about a business at first just trying to create something natural that would keep my hair looking lustrous and healthy on a consistent basis.

My hair is 4a/b so retaining moisture played a huge role in how my hair looked on a daily basis. After using my home-made moisturizer on my own hair I found that whenever I was out in public at wholefoods or any mall I would always get stopped by new and old  naturalistas who would ask, ” what do you use in your hair”. These simple questions always led to me telling them about my moisturizer and always ended  up with me giving them a lengthy hair consultation.  At this point my mom and sisters who were also natural wanted to try it out so I made a big batch of samples and handed them out to family an friends. They all loved it.  When  I found out that my dad was using my mom’s samples on his hair and elbows I I knew I had something special that people needed. And this was the birth of Dami!

To read about my natural hair journey  and to learn why I went natural click here.



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