12 Mar

3 Ways To Simplify Your Wash Days

1.  Invest in a Tangle Teezer – Since going natural in 2007 I realized that combs and my hair in its natural state just don’t get along. Washing and conditioning was super easy for the 1st year. My hair is for the most part a 4a/4b curl pattern, it dried very quickly and was so short that detangling was not necessary. I loved the way my hair just curled on its own and pretty much styled it self. I like to refer to this period of time as the “New Born” stage…lol   <!–more–> because just like a new born baby I was smitten with my hair and it was so easy to maintain. Like a baby it just wanted nourishment and rest but soon after came the “Terrible Two’s”. At this point my hair was showing tons of growth but was testing my limits like a toddler. It was past the stage of the typical “Wash and Go’s” it was more like “Wash and Stay Wet”. It took for ever to dry but worse than that it was so long and tightly coiled that it began to curl on top of its self. So detangling it was like dealing with a 2yr old having a temper tantrum in the middle of a grocery store, only the grocery store was my bathroom. Then I found the one hair tool that I could not put down or go out of town without for the past 7 yrs “The Tangle Teezer“.
Tangle-TeezerNo other hair tool on the market was able to compare to or measure up to the ease of use I got with the Tangle Teezer. Babee this thing went through my hair like butta!!! Had me feeling like I had good hair ( you know what I mean….easmanageable hair….all hair is good hair 🙂 ).  The funniest thing about this product is that it wasn’t even designed for our hair but it’s the best thing I’ve found yet. In my suggestion the number 1 thing you need to make your life easier is investing $8 bucks into a Tangle Teaser from Target.

2.  Oil and Mist : I learned through much trial and error that the best time and pretty much the only time to go thru my hair with a hair utensil (tangle teezer) is while its soaking wet and full of conditioner. But for a long time I struggled to figure out how to experience the ease of detangling that I had obtained while conditioning my hair, during my initial detangling process before washing it which was pretty much a no go. The fight to detangle before washing was a battle of wits and I was loosing week after week. In retreat I decided to seek council from past natural hair war heroines so I turned to youtube and learned about the pre-poo process from Courtney ofThinkandGrowChick.

She uses a technique of sectioning off her hair into 4 sections and applies castor oil to each from root to tip. In the video her hair is straight so this is a bit easier because her hair is stretched so I modified this by spritzing my hair with a mist of water then applying my oil of choice which is Jojoba oil. For me the castor oil is a bit thick but the jojoba oil gave my hair the slip I needed to detangle it with ease and without the stickiness. After applying this method to my hair regimen I’ve never looked back why, fight with your hair when you can make it work with you with oil and water.
3. Add Aloe Vera Gel and Jojoba Oil: After using regular shampoo’s which contain sulfates ( chemicals that strip your hair of its natural oil) its no wonder why conditioners were created. I try to stay away from these types of cleansers but this option is not always available. After shampooing I found that my hair felt super dry and brittle even though it was soaking wet. It was the weirdest thing ever. How in the world could my hair be wet and  unmanageable at the same time with no slip ( you know that feeling I spoke about earlier where the tangle teaser went through my hair like butta). I went back to my favorite resource youtube of course and found  kimmaytube‘ s video on hair pH levels

Later I watched another one of her videos where she speaks about adding  2tbsp of aloe vera gel and 2tbsp of  jojoba oil to her shampoo and conditioner. After watching her video I decided to give it a try and I’v been using this technique of lowering the ph of my hair with the aloe vera gel and conditioning it with the the jojoba oil every since. When the ph of my 4a/4b hair is around 5.5  the curl pattern is truly defined and is at its peak in definition so much that even on a regular day I would add it to my ends and edges for a more sleek look. The bottom line here is that the more African American hair is maintained with alkaline hair products the  more manageable and defined it becomes.
So together with oiling and misting your hair with water, adding aloe vera gel and jojoba oil to your shampoo’s and conditioners, and last but certainly not least investing in a Tangle Teezer should ease the lengthy and sometimes hectic routine of  wash day.
                                                                                                                     THE CURLY DIVA
 Danielle Atkins a New Orleans native is the CEO and Chief editor of www.TheCurlyDiva.com. She is also the creator of the “Dami”  an all natural hair and body care homemade product line. This spirit filled woman of God has a passion for informing African American women on how to take care of their hair, body, mind and spirit. She has a deep seeded passion for all things natural including nutrition, hair and body products. She also has a burning desire to help young women seek God for their purpose and passion which he has  hidden within them and using that gift to bring about freedom,  entrepreneurship, generational wealth and to further the Kingdom of God.