04 May

3 The Curl Way Dallas

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This Saturday I got a chance to catch one of the hottest natural hair events around “3 The Curl Way” in Dallas, Tx. The venue was Buttons a restaurant  on the north side of Dallas known for its ambiance,  southern food , live music, and brunch (Chicken-N-Waffels need I say more). Before you walk in you are greeted with smiles and warmth from the lovely naturals scanning for your name on the VIP list ( if your going to go… you’ve got to go VIP ;).  As I walk through the door I’m graciously greeted again and this time I’m handed a “VIP Swag Bagg” loaded with several full size natural hair goodies! There’s nothing a natural hair loves more than some new products to try out and tell her friends about.


The place was loaded with naturals but ironically each and every one of them stood out from the crowd, each adorned and clothed with elegance in their different yet ebony chic looks. It was amazing to see so many African American women come together on one accord, not tearing one another down with stares or judgmental looks but appreciating each others individual sense of style and uniqueness. The ladies mixed and mingled most not knowing anyone, but eager to meet and share their personal experiences with going natural. There were several vendors each showcasing different products from satin bonnets at Flora Bella Boutique to lip balms , lipsticks and lashes at 127|East Cosmetics.  Ladies were getting their face beat on site and eyebrows arched on fleek all while sipping mimosas and martinis to soulful R&B rhythms.


Hostess Sabrina Boissiere of NaturalPartnersAndCrime.com and Julian R. Addo of Bella Kinks/ Natural Hair Event Coordinator


The event was hosted by the infamously natural hair community organizer/ co-owner of  NaturalPartnersInCrime.com Sabrina Boissiere and boo she tore the mic up. She had the ladies at my table cracking up laughing! She went on to introduce the main event which was an appearance by some of the most well know natural hair instagrammers in the game @HeyCurlie, @Nae2Curly and @curlsAndCoutore. They were so cool and down to earth taking pictures with the audience and mingling before the start of the event.


The guest Speakers @Nae2Curly, @CurlsAndCouture, and @Hey_Curly



Romance aka @HeyCurlie


Janae aka @Nae2Curly


Courtney aka @CurlsAndCouture

Julian R. Addo Founder of Bella Kinks/ Event Planner and @TheCurlyDIva

The ladies spoke about their natural hair journeys, hair regimens their favorite products and how they all teamed up for this event in depth. It was very informal and conversational which was pretty awesome. The audience was able to ask questions and interact with the speakers which made you feel as if you were hanging out with your girls. Throughout the event everyone’s ears were listening hard to Sabrina who was calling out ticket numbers for several door prizes which consisted of artwork, hair products and custom jewelry. Overall I would give this event an A+! Kudos Julian Raddo@HeyCurlie, @Nae2Curly, @CurlsAndCoutore, Sabrina Boissiere and everyone behind the scenes responsible for making this event a total success for all the naturals in attendance who were looking for hair care knowledge and a good time at #3TheCurlWay.

@HeyCurly putting on her pretty girl mean mug for the Selfie spot light cam.


Naturals lined up to take Selfies with the speakers.



                                                                                                                         THE CURLY DIVA 
                                                                                                                          Danielle Atkins
New Orleans native is the CEO and Chief editor of www.TheCurlyDiva.com. She is also the creator of the “Dami”  an all natural hair and body care homemade product line. This spirit filled woman of God has a passion for informing African American women on how to take care of their hair, body, mind and spirit. She has a deep seeded passion for all things natural including nutrition, hair and body products. She also has a burning desire to help young women seek God for their purpose and passion which he has  hidden within them and using that gift to bring about freedom,  entrepreneurship, generational wealth and to further the Kingdom of God.

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  1. Love it! The Naturals community is so much more than just natural hair. It’s so much deeper than that. It’s about we as black women FINALLY coming together…standing together with a common bond. I frequent these events and I am always enlightened by the empowerment of black women. Even in our uniqueness there is a vast array of similarities…each spectrum embraced and adored.

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